Effective selling is one of the cornerstones of any successful business. In today's financial world, keeping customers happy with after sale service is as important as securing sales.

We offer an array of sales-related custom Elearning training to hone your team's selling skills, empowering them with the tools needed to increase repeat business and develop long-term working relationships with your customers.
Think crisp – highlight points to grasp quickly

Think multi-device – sales folks are always on move

Highlight the context of learning

Build case based scenarios

Equip your sales with all potential ways to navigate around pitfalls they would have encountered

Track feedback & knowledge awareness through assessments

A well-trained staff who can quickly adapt to IT change management is key to organization’s business continuity. Similarly for end customers arming them with comprehensive product knowledge gives them and your sales team the confidence to adapt to different audiences' needs, improving their chance of securing a sale.

Modes of Learning

In your line of business, delivering awesome customer experience translates to happy customers and success for your business. To ensure that the experience is seamless requires your staff to be trained effectively on customer service.

We provide custom Elearning training with immersive scenarios and resources, customer service portals using custom LMS to create a branded, personalized experience, connecting teams and sharing updates, and tracking performance to provide a wholesome customer training experience.


Compliance is vital to an organisation's existence. Failure to comply with the internal policy and industry regulations that govern your organisation can have serious consequences that may vary from staff injuries to expensive court proceedings.

The Compliance training offered includes
health and safety (everything from the
basics, such as trip hazards to
specialist petro-chemical handling),
employment law, including diversity,
recruitment and hiring and disciplinary
procedures, finance, medical, data protection,
claims procedures, fire safety and line management process.


Our approach to IT & Systems training is crafted using proven training models. We make design choices after close consultation with you. Some approaches we follow while designing the Elearning:

Some approaches we follow -
Include full systems replication - 'click-for-click'.
Safe modes where users can explore the system without fear of getting things wrong.
Assessed modes where users are given a number of 'lives'.
Demo modes where the user is shown a small number of automated steps at a time.
Combination modes - where the system replication is accompanied by explanatory Elearning.
Scenarios that allow the systems training to form part of a larger task or situation.
Modes of Engagement -
Show Me
Show Me Simulation - Create self running animation of steps for showing users on how to use the system.
Try Me
Try Me Simulation - Create engagement of users with application by giving instructions on how to use the system.
Test Me
Test Me Simulation - Allow users to experience sandbox environment for practicing steps in using a system.

We believe induction training should be flexible, creative, and engaging thus striking the right chord with the new employees in no time.

We have developed some innovative delivery techniques to integrate into our Induction Programmes that include competitions, game based Elearning and quizzes delivered by mobile phone, pre-start 'taster' modules downloaded at home, dedicated 'new starter' websites and portals, and information-sharing forums for new teams.


At JKTLS we understand the challenges that organizations face when it comes to choosing a LMS and have build solutions to address varied requirements.

Where can we help you?
  • Learning Technology Analysis
  • Learning Platform Assessment
  • Design, Development & Implementation of Custom LMS
  • Implementation/Customization of Off The Shelf LMS
  • Making LMS Mobile Friendly
  • Existing LMS Administration
  • Offshore LMS Administration Partners

For any LMS requirement, do drop in a mail at sales@jktls.com
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