When organizations optimally leverage their learning ecosystem, tremendous value and possibilities are unlocked. This creates a powerful cycle of value creation, evolution and regeneration. At JKT Learning, we are in the business of building and optimizing organizational learning systems that improve the overall performance of global companies.

We consistently ensure the availability of the highest quality of learning methodologies with competitive pricing and powerful commitment to customer satisfaction. Whether it is building customized eLearning modules on behavioral areas or functional areas or providing e-solutions to customers, our approach has a unique distinction of being 'Creative', 'Learner-friendly', 'Well-structured' and 'Measurable'.

Key highlights:

  • Strategic focus on Interactive Learning Solutions.
  • Built world class solutions with highest quality of learning methodologies.
  • Hired talent with proven 'Interactive Learning Credentials' as core team members with 'Growth Stakeholder'
  • An eye on the future: Investing in building solution accelerators, frameworks and IPs to build cost effective solutions while addressing Enterprise eLearning requirements.
  • Capable to Partner across phase: Consulting, Development, Production & Transition Management.

Our Competencies:

  • Integrated usability experience design expertise
  • Leadership team with more than 15 years of industry experience
  • Dedicated eLearning Lab to establish best practices & methodologies
  • More than 60 experienced professionals
  • More than 500 empanelled SMEs
  • End-to-end experience, right from 'Learning Design', 'Instructional Design,' ‘Multimedia Design, e-Learning pedagogies, User Experience, LMS & Learning Portal development and customization, SCORM & AICC Compliance
  • Experience in current &future
    trends –
    • Mobile Learning,
    • Gamification
    • Social Learning
    • MOOC - Massive Open Online Courses
    • ePUB3

JK Organization

We are proud to be a part of one of the India's largest conglomerates, a $4 billion group and a 100 year old JK Organization. Since inception, we have strived to provide best-in-class services to our clients across the world.

The J.K. Organisation was founded over 100 years ago by the Singhania family. From humble beginnings in India the JK group has prospered to become a global enterprise with operations around the world.

Five generations later Mr. Abhishek Singhania Managing Director of JKT continues the proud business and ethical culture set forth by those before him. Today the J.K. Organisation makes up one of India’s largest conglomerates with an annual turnover exceeding US $ 4 Billion. The group is an association of over 40 companies, employing nearly 50,000 people worldwide in manufacturing, insurance, chemicals, healthcare, education, retail, software and IT services.

The J.K. Organisation has a pioneering history that has been at the leading edge of technology and change for many years. Throughout there have been some notable and innovative achievements, including:

1960 - first in the world to set up production of Hydrosulphite of soda by sodium amalgam process

1968 - first in India to manufacture TV sets 1977 - first in India to produce steel belted radial tyres

1984 - first in India to produce white cement through dry process

1989 - first in India to produce nylon tyre cord based on spin draw technology

The J.K. Organisation has a diverse range of business interest in many industry sectors from cement; automobile tyres & tubes; engineering; plastic processing; agrochemicals; cosmetics; audio & video; power transmission; electronics; petrochemicals; steel; pharmaceuticals; food & dairy products; power generation; synthetic fibre; paper; cotton; woollen and jute textiles, computer software and IT services and is at the leading edge and a household name in many countries.


JK Technosoft

Delivering Business Solutions Across The Globe

JK Technosoft  is a global IT services and software solutions company providing world class solutions to SMEs, start up dot-coms as well as some of the world’s largest organizations. At JKT, they are driven by a simple yet powerful tenet of providing "TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION".

Founded in 1993, JKT was set up to provide high-end bespoke development services and software licenses in the domestic market, JKT soon made a name for ourselves servicing Independent Software Vendors and start up companies and formed partnerships with industry leading technology companies. Today, however, JKT offer a comprehensive range of services and solutions covering the entire software lifecycle, including IT services, enterprise solutions, education & training, and employ over 1000 top-class technical specialists. Although JKT can boast a number of Fortune 1000 organizations as our clients, JKT are still very much active within the ISV/ SME marketplace with relationships spanning many years.

JKT aim to become our client’s IT service partner of choice. JKT believe in depth knowledge, resource pool, delivery capabilities and advanced development centers. JKT offer clients a partner which is large enough to be scalable but small enough to be flexible to meet client’s project needs and business demands.
Along with global partnerships, JKT is also ISO 9001, ISO 27001, CMMi level 3 accredited, EXIN, ITSMF, and SAP AMS certified company with numerous patents registered for IT service processes and solutions technology.

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